Devil Gate Dawn

Now available to download and read from Amazon Kindle:

What if post-Brexit Britain descends into chaos and Trump becomes President?

Devil Gate Dawn is a gripping and eerie thriller set in 2026 England that predicts the above two events and describes life in the UK and USA nine years from now.

Amid political mayhem an unlikely hero emerges to fight terrorists hell-bent on releasing a catastrophic internet virus… who will survive a tense stand off at Devil Gate Dawn?


DevilGateModifiedPixNo man planning his retirement should be subjected to a terrorist bomb blast that kills his friend and destroys his favourite pub. George Osborne, former railway worker, gets mad and wants to get even.  He forms a vigilante group with Ken, an ex-army friend and Sunny, a sexy new neighbour, to track down those behind the pub bombing, the Anti-Poverty League (APL).

Britain in 2026 is teetering on the brink of revolution, as voter apathy brings down an unpopular government, and Head of State, King Charles III, is asked to lead an interim administration. A recovering George has family matters to deal with as his son, Derrick, is in trouble with a local gang, and his teenage daughter, Essie, returns from the USA with a new boyfriend, the improbably perfect all-American college freshman, Dex.  They spent a romantic weekend together in New York, soaking up Trump America and the debate over the tunnels under The Wall.  Shortly after, Dex shows up in London.

George and Ken get dragged in on surveillance duty at the Houses of Parliament, after it has been named as a target by the APL. This brings them face-to-face with bombers Tommy and Dervla, whose mission is only partly successful.  George, injured again, decides it’s time to leave the area for the peace and quiet of the countryside but trouble follows him. From then on the adventure picks up place, leading to a tense and thrilling climax…

Parliament bombed

Devil Gate dawn brings a string of unpleasant surprises, as George, Sunny and Bob Wilson grapple with their enemy in a bitter battle of wills. Can they succeed in thwarting the deadly APL and their Hello World internet virus?  Will King Charles be saved?  Is Dex more than just an all-American college boy?  Will George and Sunny’s romance blossom… and will he ever get to enjoy a peaceful retirement?

Find out as dawn breaks on Devil Gate Drive…

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