Dazed and Confused

I guess we’ve all said what we want to say,

When all’s said and done by the end of the day,

Are we any the wiser to issues in play?

Can we say we now know as we turn away?

But opinions that are built on shifting sand,

Will soon blow away from the palm of your hand.

And decisions informed by an evil lie,

Deserve only to bend, wither and die.

Seeds of doubt sown, targets they meet,

Short term impact, the life of a tweet.

Our democracy carjacked by suited buffoons,

But we are the ones left looking like fools,

The agents of Capitalism who always blame ISIS,

Are the worst sorts in power in a human crisis,

They moved swiftly to shore up their ill-gotten gains,

Whilst we battled a virus of misery and pain.

Their patronising briefings suggest it’s our fault,

In a way that’s true as we’ve lost the plot.

The science is twisted to fit with their story,

Well, what do you expect from a self-serving Tory?

With bar charts that baffle, a twinkle in their eyes,

The silk-smooth conceit as they spin their lies,

We deserve to be fleeced like sheep on the run,

If we elect as our leaders Putin, Trump and Johnson.

Masters of saying what we want to hear,

Then after they’ve won there’s confusion and fear,

Served up with a large dollop of regret,

For those who survive, what fate will be met?


Lockdown Reflection

I wear the same clothes day after day

My life’s like a blues riff from Purple Haze

Wondering if we’ll escape this ugly mess

I found a four-pack of Guinness in Tesco Express

Get up at midday and go to bed at midnight

Emerge blinking I give neighbours a fearful fright

When I come out on Thursday I look a right mess

To bang my saucepans for the brave NHS

The News is a source of concern and grief

Over 30,000 deaths is beyond belief

Boris tells jokes as the herd is thinned

The economy ring-fenced and neatly trimmed

It’s nightmare on Penn Street every night

I peek through my shutters at the cold daylight

The foxes have been at the bins again

As nature reclaims what we took away

Mask and gloves are new fashion necessities

On my lonely park walk, a snap for posterity

Crows mass on branches and stare like they’ll eat ya

As I wonder if I’ll survive the deadly corona.

man walking in nature