Lockdown Reflection

I wear the same clothes day after day

My life’s like a blues riff from Purple Haze

Wondering if we’ll escape this ugly mess

I found a four-pack of Guinness in Tesco Express

Get up at midday and go to bed at midnight

Emerge blinking I give neighbours a fearful fright

When I come out on Thursday I look a right mess

To bang my saucepans for the brave NHS

The News is a source of concern and grief

Over 30,000 deaths is beyond belief

Boris tells jokes as the herd is thinned

The economy ring-fenced and neatly trimmed

It’s nightmare on Penn Street every night

I peek through my shutters at the cold daylight

The foxes have been at the bins again

As nature reclaims what we took away

Mask and gloves are new fashion necessities

On my lonely park walk, a snap for posterity

Crows mass on branches and stare like they’ll eat ya

As I wonder if I’ll survive the deadly corona.

man walking in nature


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