A Century of Silence


To mark Remembrance Sunday this year (11/11/2018), the one hundredth anniversary of the First World War armistice, I’m sharing my review of A Century of Silence by J J. Fitzpatrick. It’s well worth a read…

A Moving Account of A Young Soldier’s Experience of the Great War

A Century of Silence coverThis is a thoroughly gripping and well-researched read, told from the perspective of a ex-serviceman-turned-author. I’m not giving much away by saying that the author makes a brilliant choice to tell the story of his great uncle Ben’s First World War experience in the first person, thus giving the account immediacy and a personal touch. Ben speaks directly to us, describing his early family life and his under-age recruitment into a ‘bantam’ battalion of short men. The author has uncovered many surprising details through his research that takes the reader back one hundred years to a very different society, capturing the pride of the working men and their absolute faith in a leadership that led them to wholesale slaughter. A very moving, beautifully observed and well-written memorial to a brave soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice. Highly recommended.


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