The Witch Trials

Government ‘Fit for Work’ or ‘Work Capability Assessments’ run by private contractors, Maximus, are not fit for purpose.

They are little more than an exercise in intimidation and bullying levelled against the most vulnerable members of society, the chronically Ill and disabled. Supporting documents from doctors are ignored and attendees are subjected to humiliating physical examination whereby if they can raise an arm to shoulder height they are judged to be ‘fit for work’.

It is a test designed to fail and humiliate, with a high fail rate, daring the weak to appeal. It is reported that 65% of rulings are overturned on appeal, thus exposing the tests as unfit for purpose. Against this backdrop, the Conservative government has just announced that their contracts will be EXTENDED for another year, further demonstrating their contempt for the weakest members of our society.

This is the Thatcher legacy – those unable to contribute to wealth creation for the already rich are deemed surplus to requirement and subjected to welfare cuts and bullying in the hope they will kill themselves – over a thousand have already done so. This has no place in any society calling itself ‘civilised’ and must end. Let doctors decide who is medically fit for work, not incentivised private contractors.

Tim Walker

A Short Story by Tim Walker

The Witch Trial

Grey skies and a light drizzle reflected his mood and did little to allay the fear that clenched in his stomach. With a sigh he entered a cobbled lane, leaning on his walking stick as the cramps stabbed at his ankles and feet like demons with sharp needles. Above him shop signs creaked and groaned on rusty hinges and the upper floors of aging properties crowded in, dimming the light and slowing his progress. Homeless people and assorted beggars sat in doorways and alleyways, crying out to passers-by for help. Stopping halfway to catch his breath, George bent to talk to a homeless man cowering under a blanket.
“What’s caused you to be on the streets, my friend?” he asked.
The man shifted and sat upright, sensing an opportunity. “Good day to you, sir. I have lost my job and been…

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