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Welcome to Tim Walker’s blog site. I started blogging way back in 2014 with random thoughts on writing, music, social and political issues. I had the idea to start a fictional blog series – The Life of George – and would make up incidents and adventures for my fictional character and his family. After nine months and over fifty posts I decided I had enough material to turn ‘George’ into a novel and deleted those posts from this blog.

A humorous dystopian novel emerged, re-named ‘Devil Gate Dawn’. This was proof-read, copyedited and accepted for the Kindle Scout programme in 2016. Although it did not win a publishing deal with Amazon, it received good exposure and valuable feedback. The novel was then self-published in e-book and paperback formats through Amazon Kindle, where it now sits… a homage to my early blogging days!


I have continued to blog in an ad hoc, unfocused way on things that catch my imagination or interest, building a crazy archive of randomly concise thoughts and memories. I have also started re-blogging material that interests me…

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One thought on “Welcome to my Blog

  1. I was interested to read about the Life of George and how it became Devil Gate Dawn – that’s next on my list of Amazon buys. 🙂

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