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A Light in the Dark Ages series reviewed

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Today I am not on a blog tour so decided to write a special review for Tim Walker’s ‘Light in the Age of Darkness’ Trilogy.  The series includes the following books: Abandoned,  Ambrosius: Last of the Romans and Uther’s Destiny.


About the Books


Abandoned is an action-packed short novella (20,000 words/81 pages) that introduces the reader to A Light in the Dark Ages series. Britannia lies shocked and exposed by the sudden departure of the Roman legions in the year 410. A hero arises – Marcus Aquilius – to protect the town of Calleva from an invading Saxon army. The townsfolk must decide if their town and way of life is worth fighting for, or if they should flee to the forest and revert to a tribal lifestyle. Marcus knows he must embrace change and makes his own personal journey to emerge as Marcus Pendragon.


Britannia lies open…

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