Gunpowder Plot Revisited

Life of George, Chapter 8 – Gunpowder Plot Revisited

Parliament bombedFollow my serialised novel at:-

‘…Ken eyed his moody companion and said: “Come on George, I’ve arranged for us to meet the Inspector at the staff entrance to the Parliament building. We can play our part in preventing this madness by identifying any of the main activists on CCTV if they approach the building. We should be able to recognise Stevo and Tommy by their body shape and gait long before any of the coppers, even with hoods up. Come on, it’s the final act of the Thames Valley Four! Let’s finish what we started”.’

‘…George called over WPC Wishaw and pointed to the screen. “He’s definitely one of them! Alert security! They’re in the building!” The petite PC smashed her hand on a big, red plastic button, setting off a loud alarm, as she dashed across the room to call her superior. “Quick! Get everyone you can to the service area! There are two of them and they’re carrying a back pack!”…’

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