Self-Publishing and Book Promotion on a Shoestring Budget

Ripper Tour 046Despite recent health-related set backs, I now have tucked under my broad-brimmed hat a wealth of life experience to stimulate my imagination – I have the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive through my writing.

My book of short stories, Thames Valley Tales, has been my therapy activity, engaging my brain in researching facts,  developing ideas into stories and learning about the art and practice of creative writing.  I decided to find out how to self-publish on a budget of next to nothing.  Amazon Kindle help to lure in amateur writers, like the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and have a number of restrictive conditions that you have little choice but to accept…. Basically, you get a platform to promote and sell your book, and they get most/all of the money, whilst attempting to bullying you into promoting it for free.  I made a modest investment in book cover design (on and the services of a proof reader and copyeditor.  These have been my only external costs, but ones I feel are essential.

I have used Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and email to shout about it to friends, family and acquaintances.  Now I have added You Tube.  I was fortunate to be offered the chance to appear on Oxford community television channel That’s Oxford TV to be interviewed about my book (see photo), and my eyes lit up when I saw that they put up interviews on You Tube.  My chance to get an author interview clip to add to my social media armoury!  In addition, I enticed the local newspaper, the Windsor & Eton Express, to interview me, and they sent a photographer around to take my mug-shot.  It all helps…

So far I am still about 15-18 copy sales short of hitting the magic number to precipitate an Amazon pay-out of commission to me ($100 threshold before they pay out), no doubt grudgingly done in a dark office somewhere by a penny pinching accountant.  Many new amateur authors never reach the sales threshold to receive a payment, especially when you are selling your work for next to nothing.  Help me out and download it!-  or at or any worldwide amazon site….

Check out my YouTube interview and leave a comment!

Cringing local newspaper article….


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