George Caught Up In Pub Bomb Terror

Life of George Pub BombDon’t panic!  It’s a fiction story line!

In Chapter Two of my serialised novel, Life of George (, George meets his mate Dave in the pub to plan a trip of a lifetime to celebrate their early retirement from work.  A suspicious man leaves a backpack on the bar rail, seen by George, but too late for him to take any action.  A huge explosion rips through the pub sending both Dave and George flying…

life_of_george_cover02Chapters One and Two are up and can be read by subscribing to – at £3.65/month (US$4.99) you can choose up to ten books from their wide range of titles to read (mine plus nine others!), and I expect my novel to be up in full by the end of the year. If you’re an avid e-book reader then why not give it a try?

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