The UK’s island mentality has once again been mobilised by the British media, this time led by The Telegraph (‘Global Migrant Crisis’, 02/08/15), quoting Home Secretary Theresa May, and the ever predictable Mail (‘2000 Migrants Storm Tunnel’, 29/07/15). Prime Minister Cameron waded in by referring to the Calais migrants as a ‘Swarm’, further alarming his white English Shire supporter base.

They are merely playing catch-up, as the disgruntled white working class in Southern and Eastern England have already recorded their (largely ignored) protest at having to share their living space with ‘loadsa effing foreigners’ by voting UKIP in the recent general election (anti-immigration UKIP picked up close to four million votes). By doing so they effectively handed an election win to the strutting Tories who have now inherited the immigration crisis hot potato.

However, for many in Britain the news footage from Calais of desperate migrants risking life and limb to board trucks or trains bound for England, merely provides a visual fixing point for the belief that the country is experiencing an invasion of foreigners not seen since the Norman Conquest. Britain is already creaking under the strain of a population approaching 70 million, with over six million recent arrivals already crowded into the South and East of the country.

As with the futile resistance put up by Anglo-Saxons against the Normans, and before them the Briton tribes against the Romans, our current crop of political leaders seem relatively helpless to stop the inward flow of people fleeing war zones, third world poverty and post-Soviet Eastern Europe. Add to this the practice from settled commonwealth citizens of sending for families and friends that has been going on over the past 40-odd years, and you begin to get an insight into the retreat mentality of the ‘White British’ (a new census category, not needed on previous surveys). Home Secretary Theresa May has recently sent out a strong message aimed at these hardy travellers that the streets of Britain are not “paved with gold”, and that those who fail the asylum-seekers test will not be able to claim benefits.

How do you stop someone coming who is prepared to risk their life in doing so? Add to this the cut backs in border control by this and the previous government, sprinkle on a dusting of a failed computerised immigration system, and you have a perfect storm. Where will these people live? How will they be supported? Already the Government is putting the squeeze on its own citizens with harsh austerity measures (whilst ring-fencing the wealth elite).

The rampant greed-inspired capitalist system we have in the UK will only deepen the crisis, as foreign settlers will be expected to crowd into inner city areas and swell the pool of cheap labour to be exploited by those in search of bigger profits from lower wage costs. Already Health and Safety is going out the window, as Britain slowly slides back to Victorian values, and inner city ghettos will soon emerge. It all smacks of hypocrisy as the white Tory Shires, who have grown fat on cheap foreign labour, attempt to halt the spread of foreigners to their neatly mowed village and town lawns. Exploit them, yes, but we don’t want to see them.

The Divided Society has already arrived and the language of fear and mistrust will continue to escalate from our alarmist media. The question of ‘how many is enough?’ has been superseded by events. The dam wall has broken – the flood is upon us. Is Britain heading for a Johannesburg-style two-tier society, where the wealthy whites live in private security guarded compounds? Britain is squirming uncomfortably – not wanting to be seen as racists, but unable to articulate that enough is enough. Small numbers of settlers who are willing to assimilate into British life have always been welcome, but we are now witnessing the unravelling of the idealised myth of a happy multi-cultural society in the face of large numbers of culturally alien peoples. Biological programming will kick in and people will seek security in their tribal groups. A tipping point has been reached. Where are we going with this?


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