Bravehearts and Coronets

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron takes a political gamble by daring to go north into Scotland and face down the Scottish nationalists.  Will they eat Cameron or just stun him with their indifference?  He is making a mistake by going because no matter what words tumble out his mouth, they will have the net effect of confirming the Scots’ view that he is from a different planet, representing a tiny rich elite on whose behalf he harvests the dwindling income from ordinary folk and gleefully dismantles their Welfare State.  Add to this the unpopular Bedroom Tax following on thirty years after the Scots were humiliated by Thatcher’s Poll Tax experiment, then… well, you get the picture.  Scottish Labour Party members have turned their back on muppet Ed Milliband, who has spectacularly failed to seize the moment and speak up for the hard-pressed citizens of an increasingly disenchanted UK.

It has taken the Scots to show the rest of, south of the border, that our political leaders in the Westminster Bubble represent only the interests of the financial sector, the cornerstone of our flaky economy.  Greed is good and kick the unfortunate, sick and poor.  Their financial advisors have now told them that a vote for Scottish Independence may result in a stock market crash and a run on the Pound.  THAT’s why they are now scurrying north of the border.

I’d vote for Independence from Westminster, and I’m English!  Should Scotland vote for independence, I predict the break-up of the United Kingdom.  They will show us all the way – Wales, Northern Ireland, then the English Regions – The South West, The North, the Midlands, East Anglia.  All will go independent, leaving the ridiculously pompous and self-serving South East, friendless and broke following the inevitable flight of the brokers and bankers, to sink beneath the weight of a massive population that makes Hong Kong Island look like a desert.

The Scots are right to reject The Westminster Three, for they have collectively failed in the first duty of elected office – to represent the interests of the majority.  By leaving the United Kingdom the dominos will start to fall, one knocking into another, and we will all suffer from the fallout from the break up of the United Kingdom.  My appeal to the Scots is ‘Don’t do it’.  Chances are, things will get worse for all of us.  Stay in the Union, go for greater devolved powers, and help the rest of us elect a more equitable and socially responsible leadership.

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